Poop on a Stick

That beautiful title is exactly how I’ve felt.  I could’ve titled it “You are what you eat”, but I don’t literally eat poop.  However-as it was just Valentine’s Day weekend I certainly had not eaten in a way that was very beneficial.  In fact I was stupid, and I made stupid choices that I’ve been feeling the effects of since.

I had finally gotten over a cold and decided that a weekend full of wine, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate was in order.  It’s like I can’t learn.  I eliminate specific things from my diet knowing that they don’t make me feel well and that they are harmful.  Then once I start to feel “good” I decide I’m healed and that I don’t really need to be restrictive.  I’m guilty of some sort of sick denial.  Essentially,  I’m an idiot.  Not only could I not sleep, but my stomach was  a horrible disgusting mess. I’m still  exhausted, my joints hurt and I’m exhausted (did I say that already?)

Sometimes the only way to get out of a funk is just to get up and do it.  Honestly having my daughter home for school break is a huge motivator.  Especially on days like today when it’s sunny and beautiful out it is nearly impossible to sit around indoors.  It’s not an example I want to set for her, whether I’m sick or not.  I also don’t want her to be constantly affected.  I will not allow my issue to be a constant excuse.  Sure there are times where I am just too everything to be as much of a super-mom as I’d like to be, but I think that rings true for every parent.

Getting my butt up, dressed, and out for a walk at Shadmoor has drastically improved how I was feeling.  Sure I’m achy, and for the first mile or so of the hike I had to force myself to beIMG_9133 (1) present and aware.  After that it was easier.  My daughter kept up a constant stream of happy chatter, the sun was shining (Vitamin D!), the salty wind was blowing and there was just enough mud to make it an adventure.  Fascinating how the simple things, salty air, sunshine, and being with someone you love can alter your entire being so quickly.  Life is beautiful!

“The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea.”    ~Karen Blixen